How to Harness the Power of Data to Improve Physician Productivity

Physicians and the care they provide patients are at the heart of any healthcare organization. If they are not meeting performance metrics, it hurts productivity and impacts your mission – and your bottom line. When physicians are dissatisfied or burned out, retention rates drop and patient care is disrupted. But with tools that unlock the power of your data, your organization can improve physician productivity, patient satisfaction, quality of care and revenue capture.

Health systems are drowning in data, but it has limited value unless you can make it actionable. By analyzing clinical and billing data and then gaining insights into potential issues, a healthcare organization can implement systematic improvements that create workflows that provide the most efficient care delivery with the least administrative burden. That enables you to increase physician productivity, satisfaction and retention; provide continuity and better care for patients; and optimize revenue.

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Here are questions you should be asking to identify gaps in your data analysis capabilities that are preventing you from optimizing physician productivity:

Does your EHR platform help you optimize workflow?

The American College of Physicians estimates that nearly 80 percent of physician dissatisfaction stems from systems-based issues and that more than 40 percent of physicians report symptoms of burnout.

Clinicians may spend as much time interacting with technology as they do with patients. Data intelligence can shape processes to help physicians focus on caring for patients and increasing care quality.

Do you have the right tools to collect and combine all of your data sources?

EHRs are the cornerstone of digital healthcare; however, they primarily collect clinical data. To be successful, healthcare organizations need business and operational data that is fully compatible with and complementary to their EHR platform.

Ingenious Med’s tools and data analytics integrate seamlessly to extend EHR capabilities and empower physicians to increase their productivity, while equipping those in leadership with the insights they need to best manage their organization.

Is your data intelligent?

An intuitive data collection tool can monitor performance across the enterprise and provide informed comparisons at any site or level of your organization. This enables leadership to gain an in-depth understanding of physician productivity, care quality, revenue and other forces shaping the organization in real time and without hiring outside data analysts.physician productivity data laptop

Here’s how Scripps Health uses the Ingenious Med platform to leverage data intelligence, improve workflows systemwide and optimize revenue.

Can physicians capture data in real time at the point of care?

Uncompensated tasks contribute to physician burnout as well as productivity and revenue losses. The further a clinician gets from the point of care, the greater the risk for reporting errors or omissions. A mobile-friendly platform can work from anywhere, following the provider to multiple care delivery locations, enabling them to spend more time with patients and less time trying to recreate accurate coding later.

Ingenious Med offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy for providers to enter, collect and share secure, real-time data no matter the setting, allowing them to record and be compensated for all services provided.

Can you identify your top-performing providers?

Analytics tools should help you standardize physician performance across the organization, with insights at the provider, practice and location level. They should be able to benchmark providers by total bills, encounters, length of stay, readmissions and other quality measures. With insights that enable leadership to compare service quality and value metrics, you can build a data-driven foundation for improved physician productivity, staffing and incentive plans – and improve patient care.

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When Kaiser Permanente began to give their physicians monthly reports that measured their clinical outcomes for a variety of diseases, they used that performance data to identify superior approaches to medical care and drive better outcomes. As an example, these best practices resulted in a 67 percent increase over the national average in patients controlling their high blood pressure, which reduced their risk of stroke by 40 percent.

Ingenious Med tools are developed by physicians, for physicians

Ingenious Med provides a charge capture solution that extends the capabilities of your EHR. With easily implemented point-of-care tools, healthcare leaders can gain the insights they need to optimize physician productivity, standardize performance, simplify workflows and increase revenues. This has proved invaluable for many healthcare organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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