Too many healthcare providers today work hard yet struggle to succeed. Missing charges, a lack of data insights and more uncompensated tasks reduce time spent with patients – and prevent physician groups and health systems from meeting their quality and financial goals.

That’s why Ingenious Med provides solutions that optimize physician productivity and hospital performance. Our easily implemented, point-of-care tools help physician practices and health systems gain more insights from healthcare data, automate workflows and optimize revenues – enabling you to thrive in both fee-for-service and value-based models.

More value.
Better performance.

Delivering high-quality care at the lowest cost is critical in today’s hyper-competitive healthcare market. Gain real-time insights into clinician performance across your organization – and strengthen your bottom line by capturing patient and charge data quickly and accurately at the point of care.

Image showing overlap of Revenue Optimization, Data Intelligence and Value-based alignment within a workflow automation
Revenue optimization
  • Comprehensive charge capture
  • Improved coding compliance
  • Value-based metrics management
  • Stronger revenue integrity
Data intelligence
  • Practice optimization analytics
  • Better provider performance metrics
  • Flexible, accessible data
Value-based alignment
  • Value-based rounding
  • Enhanced care team collaboration
  • More efficient patient throughput
  • Intelligent care transitions
Is your current revenue cycle process leaving money on the table?
Our Revenue Optimization Calculator can show you the impact of missing charges.
Gain efficiencies and focus with workflow automation
Increasing amounts of uncompensated tasks are fueling physician burnout as well as productivity and revenue losses. We automate processes and create efficiencies to help providers spend more time providing patient care while increasing your organization’s billing and coding accuracy.
  • Automated alerts for missing charges reduce billing turnaround time and maximize payments for services.
  • Streamlined connections between multiple systems create billing and coding efficiencies.
  • Programmable billing flags and rules automation enable customized billing workflows.
  • Proactive code reviews flag errors and rejectable claims before they hit your back office.
  • Extending coder workflows to the point of care helps providers create compliant coding and optimal documentation in real time.
Developed by physicians, for physicians

Frustrated clinicians today spend as much time interacting with technology as they do with patients. Ingenious Med’s intuitive solutions make their lives better by making it easy to enter, collect and share secure, real-time data no matter the setting.

  • Intuitive, sensible design makes it simple for physicians to adopt and use.
  • Use within the workflow at the point of care.
  • Seamless experience between mobile and desktop.
Icon of 3 doctors with clock
System integration made simple
Healthcare IT staff have too many projects and too little bandwidth. Our agnostic platform integrates easily with most EHRs and other systems, enabling you to launch and use Ingenious Med with minimal time and expense. Enjoy the benefits of a mobile SaaS solution that:
Icon of computer integration
  • Integrates easily with many systems, avoiding costly downtime.
  • Avoids major re-investments and changes to workflows or infrastructures.
  • Connects disparate data sources.
  • Automatically imports diagnosis codes from external systems.
  • Delivers ADT and billing feeds.
  • Enables SSO accessibility.
Icon of a padlock with check mark inset
Security providers and patients can trust
You can’t risk data security in today’s connected world. Evolving regulations, frequent audits and high-profile data breaches can hurt your finances and reputation for years to come if you’re not prepared. Our solutions offer the data integrity and security that help you – and your patients – rest easy.
HIPAA compliant logo and HITRUST CSF Certified logos
Security unified across web and mobile platforms – so data remains safe even when rounding at multiple locations.