As the cornerstone of digital healthcare, EHRs create many opportunities for collecting and reporting clinical data. But to be successful, healthcare organizations also need critical business insights from across the care continuum.

Ingenious Med’s point-of-care tools and data analytics integrate seamlessly to extend EHR capabilities and empower you to manage your practice more effectively. Our platform improves revenue cycles and delivers more timely practice insights no matter the setting, while our reporting standardizes performance and manages costs – even across post-acute settings not typically connected to a central EHR.

Stronger revenues with comprehensive charge capture
EHRs aren’t built to maximize charge capture. We strengthen your revenue integrity by ensuring every potential charge is captured at any location across the continuum.
  • Capture simple and complex charges consistently across most settings and specialties.
  • Increase coding accuracy and efficiency through our guided Smart Billing workflow and Charge Note Reconciliation capabilities.
  • Strengthen revenue integrity with a unified platform for coding and reporting.
Screen cap of charge capture
Image of physician scorecard
Actionable practice performance insights
EHRs don’t have the analytics required for practice management. We deliver actionable insights to mobile and web-based platforms that improve clinician performance and strengthen operations.
  • Measure and standardize physician productivity, incentives, compensation targets, staffing and more.
  • Align clinicians more closely with personal and organizational goals.
  • Track and report quality measures to promote value-based initiative.
Better value-based management across the continuum
Care outside the hospital is growing – yet most EHRs don’t extend there. We help you improve cost management at every stage of the patient journey.
  • Extend charge capture and care coordination into post-acute, outpatient and other settings
  • Standardize approaches to revenue, value-based care, bundled payments, productivity and reporting across the care continuum
  • Measure performance and deliver actionable insights to clinicians no matter the setting
Screenshot of intelligent care transition
Timely information delivery
We connect systems to prevent data lags and enable real-time analytics and reporting, helping you manage your organization effectively.
  • Monitor and adjust staffing levels to match patient volumes
  • Avoid denials that cost you time and money
  • Reduce reimbursement turnaround times and strengthen revenue cycles
System integration made simple
Healthcare IT staff have too many projects and too little bandwidth. Our agnostic platform integrates easily with most EHRs and other systems, enabling you to launch and use Ingenious Med with minimal time and expense. Enjoy the benefits of a mobile SaaS solution that:
  • Integrates easily with many systems, avoiding costly downtime
  • Avoids major re-investments and changes to workflows or infrastructures
  • Connects disparate data sources
  • Automatically imports diagnosis codes from external systems
  • Delivers ADT and billing feeds
  • Enables SSO accessibility