Intelligent data is more than getting data when, where and how you need it. It’s having solutions that provide insights into physician and organizational performance that help you align resources with business goals.
Image of physician scorecard
Practice optimization analytics
Benchmark and optimize the performance of physician practices by enabling providers and administrators to share real-time data.
  • Quickly identify and address problems related to charge, quality and more.
  • Continually monitor team and workflow performance.
  • Identify areas for improvement with easy-to-use, real-time mobile and web-based dashboards.
Better provider performance metrics
Standardize provider performance monitoring across the organization, with insights at the provider, practice or location level – and with the accuracy your providers need.
  • Benchmark providers by total bills, encounters, length of stay, readmissions and quality measures.
  • Quickly access insights that enable you to view and compare service quality and value metrics.
  • Build a data-driven foundation for improved productivity, staffing and incentive plans.
Screenshot of group productivity
Screenshot of provider comparison
Flexible, accessible data
Our system-agnostic solution integrates with your existing technology and connects data resources, making it easier to analyze and share key performance indicators.
  • Provide access to data when and where users need it.
  • Automated email reports easily align administrators and care teams.
  • Work with business intelligence data through our reporting interface or your current enterprise solution.
IM Analytics™
IM Analytics™ brings performance insights directly to the point of care. It uses real-time claims data to uncover trends and help clinicians and administrators understand the underlying causes. Its intuitive interface delivers data and reporting without impacting workflows, while its mobility enables standardization across the continuum.