Hospital management is more challenging than ever. You must be profitable while meeting the challenges of shrinking reimbursements, managing physician groups and controlling rising costs – as well as prepare for the industry-wide shift to value-based models.

Ingenious Med understands these pressures. That’s why we support national health systems with an easily implemented, point-of-care platform that enables you to improve physician productivity and hospital performance.

How we help
Revenue optimization
You can’t provide effective care without an effective revenue cycle. We provide you with the capabilities and connectivity needed to capture more charges, enhance physician performance, ensure coding compliance and grow reimbursements.
  • Comprehensive charge capture. Ensure fast, accurate capture of all possible fee-for-service and value-based codes at the point of care.
  • Actionable dashboards. Help physicians meet strategic and performance goals and deliver more value with real-time performance data.
  • Faster, more accurate coding. Intuitive, physician-designed interface and automated confirmation of charge documentation reduces follow-up from coders and billers.
Is your current revenue cycle process leaving money on the table?
Our Revenue Optimization Calculator can show you the impact of missing charges.
Data intelligence
Health systems are surrounded by data, but need tools to make it actionable. We transform data into insights so you can measure key performance metrics across regions and sites – or even down to individual physicians.
  • Standardize and benchmark performance. Manage physicians more effectively with real-time mobile and web-based dashboards, customized reports and scorecards.
  • Connect disparate data sources. Gather a more comprehensive understanding of what is happening with patients and physicians across the entire health system.
  • Increase back-office efficiency. Automatic capture and processing of patient and charge data reduces burdens on billers and coders.
Value-based alignment
Successful health systems are at the forefront of value-based innovation – and revenue models. That’s why our solutions make it easier for you to align provider performance with care quality and cost reduction goals.
  • Align physicians with value-based initiatives. Automatically flag relevant patients to proactively manage quality measures and reduce readmissions.
  • Coordination across the healthcare continuum. Secure communication tools connect care teams from the hospital to SNFs and other post-acute settings.
  • MIPS registry. Automated identification coding and 100% successful CMS submission increases reimbursements.
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