As an independent group, you want more control over your practice’s direction. But staying viable can be challenging when health systems own much of the data that determines your performance – and reimbursement rates.

Ingenious Med’s powerful analytics and reporting put you in control with a more objective picture of your practice. We help you capture charges, secure accurate reimbursements and manage critical value-based metrics.

How we help
Revenue optimization
With objective performance data, you can tell a more accurate story of the value you deliver. We make it easier to negotiate favorable service contracts and lay the foundation for success in value-based reimbursement models.
  • Comprehensive charge capture. Record all possible fee-for-service codes at the point of care to avoid missing charges.
  • Greater workflow transparency. Independent platform delivers insights across multiple sites to prevent bill processing delays.
  • Reduce administrative costs. Automatic patient and charge data capture, confirmation of charge documentation and processing saves time and reduces coding errors.
Is your current revenue cycle process leaving money on the table?
Our Revenue Optimization Calculator can show you the impact of missing charges.
Data intelligence
We also help you take ownership of your performance data analysis. Our benchmarking and reporting tools help you align physicians and efficiencies to your hospital partners and maintain profitability.
  • Expand analytical capabilities. Preset and custom reporting – down to individual provider and location levels of insight – enhances performance evaluation and reimbursement.
  • Standardize and benchmark performance. Manage physicians more effectively with real-time mobile and web-based dashboards, customized reports and scorecards.
  • Connect disparate data sources. Gain a comprehensive picture of patients and physicians across the entire health system.
Value-based alignment
Healthcare trends show that it’s not a question of whether health system partners will move to value-based reimbursement – it’s when. We get you ahead of the curve, enabling you to track quality measures and align workflows with evolving payment models to ensure revenue cycle continuity.
  • MIPS registry. Automated identification, coding and 100% successful CMS submission wins incentives and avoids costly penalties.
  • Identify effective workflows. Data intelligence shapes processes to help physicians focus on patients and increase care quality.
  • Coordination across the healthcare continuum. Multiple EHR integrations and mobile access enable value-based alignment no matter the location, service or device.
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