Successful healthcare organizations are able to evaluate and standardize performance between individual providers as well as across teams and practices. It requires getting timely, actionable insights to the front-line clinicians who directly affect productivity, performance and revenues.

IM Analytics™ delivers reporting that helps standardize performance and enhance revenues from the practice level down to individual providers. Using real-time claims data, it uncovers trends so clinicians and administrators can identify underlying causes. Its intuitive interface delivers insights without impacting workflows, while its mobility extends practice analytics to all stages of the patent journey.

ingenious med application mobile dashboard
Interactive dashboards

It’s crucial for individual providers to know how their performance affects the entire practice. Our mobile and web-based dashboards instantly connect them to intuitive, actionable insights.

  • Role-based key performance indicator (KPI) data visualizations across several metrics (including charges captured, RVUs, LOS and readmissions)
  • Customizable on-target, caution and at-risk thresholds for personal and group-level targets
  • Drill-downs enable evaluation against groups and peers
Quick-start analytic reports
Regular performance updates help clinicians, but not if the process gets in their way. Our quick-start reports are pre-programmed to save time and deliver key trends so your teams can immediately understand what’s happening in your organization.
  • Covers critical metrics including RVU count, patient team assignments, volume, utilization, coding and more
  • Easy-to-use interface easily integrates into workflows
  • Intuitive navigation saves time for clinicians and administrators
Advanced analytics
Truly understand the forces shaping your organization with these powerful business intelligence tools. You can examine any area using any metric you need to manage the practice more effectively.
  • Gain access to all performance data within the Ingenious Med platform, avoiding the added time and expense of outside analysts
  • Manipulate information across over 800 parameters to customize reports and scorecards, including site-to-site and clinician-to-site comparisons
  • Automatically run and share reports, streamlining practice administration
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