MIPS 2020: Critical Updates to Avoid Growing Penalties

Despite efforts to simplify the Quality Payment Program, reporting MIPS Quality performance data continues to become more complex. CMS may make improvements in the coming years, but in the short term things will get worse before they get better.

Not only are important rule changes scheduled for 2020, but there are also critical differences in how CMS will interpret existing policies. All of these items will be vital to inpatient practices in avoiding ever-larger penalties.

It’s critical to understand these changes and protect your revenue cycle.

That’s why Ingenious Med is providing an hour-long complimentary webinar to help you optimize your 2020 MIPS strategy. You will learn:

  • Current updates to the MIPS Quality category participation requirements
  • Program updates critical to successful participation
  • Strategies for individuals and groups to ensure success in 2020

You can download the webinar by filling out the form below: