The App Gap: 6 Essential Capabilities Your EHR Apps May Miss

Electronic health records cannot cover every clinical and operational hospital function, and the mobile versions of these systems are even more limited. Out of necessity, mobile electronic health record apps are pared down for use with limited processing power and smaller screen sizes.

But this optimization comes at a cost. The EHR a hospital depends on to capture and share clinical information is not focused primarily on coding and charge reconciliation. This leaves gaps in your technology stack.

Hospital electronic health records focus on clinical information and are not able to easily or consistently capture complex charges across a variety of care settings, including skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and other post-acute sites. They can’t guide your clinicians through the coding process to make it faster and more accurate.

The mobile app reviews of the two largest EHRs, Epic and Cerner, show a high level of dissatisfaction. While no single electronic health record app can hope to cover everything, there are six questions every organization should consider to optimize clinical and financial outcomes.

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1. Does your mobile EHR app offer a charge capture solution with reconciliation?

Unless you have mobile charge capture software with charge reconciliation, you are likely to miss revenue on the excellent care you provide. Make sure your clinicians capture all the charges they should and reduce missing bills.

2. Does your mobile EHR app offer accurate and complete coding?

Medical coding is complex. Undercoding charges and incomplete documentation can lead to lower reimbursement of services. Overcoding patient visits can result in time-intensive and expensive audits. Learn more about improving coding efficiency, compliance and RVUs in our blog.

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3. Does your mobile EHR app follow your clinicians across the continuum of your care facilities?

Without real-time insights into clinician performance across your organization, you aren’t seeing the whole picture.

4. Does your mobile EHR app collect data that provides actionable practice performance insights?

A data-driven foundation gives you the tools you need to improve productivity and quality of care.

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5. Does your mobile EHR app offer advanced analytics for practice management?

With easily accessible data, you can identify and address problems related to charge and quality benchmarks.

6. Does your mobile EHR app record and track quality measures to promote value-based initiatives?

Value-based care requires aligning physician performance with cost reduction, quality enhancement and population health improvement. That’s a heavy lift without the right tools.

To maximize the effectiveness of your hospital operations, it is important to consider integrated technology platforms that work together to fill gaps and solve problems.

An integrated electronic health record app can drive optimal revenue capture and integrity

Ingenious Med provides an elegant solution to the critical need for revenue capture and integrity, complementing your existing electronic health record app. Ingenious Med’s mobile app offers hospital charge capture software that functions at any location across the care continuum. This enables physicians and other clinicians to quickly, easily and accurately capture all charges – even those involved in complex procedures – at the point of care.

Our platform also provides timely and accurate business insights into physician productivity and performance that can be viewed and analyzed across the entire enterprise. It can also drill down to the individual practice, location or physician level for more detailed insights. And physicians trust the data because they have entered it themselves.

By ensuring that physicians accurately capture charges as they’re seeing patients, health organizations can improve their revenue cycles and make more timely, better-informed business decisions that efficiently use expensive clinical resources while making more time available for services that improve patient health.

You can get more from your EHR investment. To learn more, contact an Ingenious Med representative at 770.799.0909 or visit