Ingenious Med Introduces Charge Note Reconciliation

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New capabilities help healthcare organizations identify missed revenue, reduce compliance risks and gain efficiencies

ATLANTA, October 7, 2020 – Ingenious Med, a provider of point-of-care solutions that optimize physician productivity and hospital performance, today announced new Charge Note Reconciliation capabilities. The new functionality automatically identifies missing clinical documentation and charges to help healthcare organizations reduce compliance risks and costs while improving organizational efficiencies and strengthening the revenue cycle.

The Ingenious Med® application can now incorporate healthcare documentation from external sources, including EHRs and documentation repositories. The new capabilities match medical documentation to charges captured within the Ingenious Med application. Where discrepancies exist, the application identifies missed charges and notifies physicians so they can bill for all services provided. Similarly, any charges with missing documentation can be flagged and held in the system until the corresponding clinical notes are received. This automated process makes it easier for organizations to submit compliant charges and receive timely reimbursement.

In addition to dramatically improving efficiency and reducing the costs of creating and processing claims, the Ingenious Med application’s new automations also help ensure that an organization can produce all documentation required during a claims audit. This helps them avoid the penalties caused by being unable to substantiate a charge.

“We know that healthcare organizations are facing intense revenue pressures, so accurately capturing revenue for every procedure is critical for a healthy bottom line,” explained Laura Chapman, Vice President of Product Management at Ingenious Med. “It’s equally important to make sure that all submitted claims are justified. Applying technology to simplify, automate and accelerate revenue-generating processes for our customers is a core principle for Ingenious Med.

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