COVID-19 Support Measures

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The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving constantly, and many health systems and physician groups are feeling overwhelmed by the pressures. But Ingenious Med understands the challenge of preparing resources for a major admissions spike while facing greatly reduced revenues due to rescheduled elective procedures. As a trusted partner to health organizations nationwide, we’ve introduced new features and license updates to support our customers during this critical time.

COVID-19 management features

Current charge capture workflows remain unchanged
Most providers and support staff are treating patients for emergent symptoms related to the new coronavirus, such as pneumonia, bronchitis and respiratory distress. The services provided and corresponding CPT codes have not changed, so providers will continue to be reimbursed for charges created through our platform that are associated with the symptoms treated.

New COVID-19 diagnosis code
As the pandemic began, patient symptoms could only be documented through a few generic coronavirus-related add-on codes. In response, CMS introduced a new diagnosis code specific to this new virus: U07.1 – COVID-19. The new code was added to the Ingenious Med platform on Thursday, March 26. We also created a new diagnosis list template that makes it easy to find and designate COVID-19-related diagnosis codes.

New patient flags
For platform subscriptions that support it, we have added two patient flags to quickly identify patients either suspected of having or have been confirmed to have COVID-19. Providers and/or supporting staff can add and update patient records with these flags. They are visible and sortable from our platform’s patient lists, secure communications and corresponding reports.

Telemedicine modifier and superbill
Providers are increasingly using telemedicine to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 to other patients and extend coverage to understaffed facilities. To support this move, we have added a telemedicine modifier (95) to all client environments for immediate use in charge capture workflows. It enables providers to correctly code encounters conducted via videoconference or other virtual encounter platforms for patient record and billing systems.

To simplify this process, we also created an optional new superbill specifically for telemedicine. It lists commonly referenced procedures provided during virtual encounters. This feature can be enabled by administrators for use in their practice immediately.

COVID-19 reporting enhancements
Customers that use IM Analytics can use its functionality to increase visibility and provide insights into patients with COVID-19. We have added new practice-level reports that include details such as the total number of current cases, counts of patients under investigation (suspected but not yet confirmed), new cases by date range and visualizations that show trends among those patients. These reports will help providers better monitor patients’ progress and the resources needed to treat them.

COVID-19 patient cohorting
We have several options for accommodating additional patient management solutions established in response to the pandemic. Our site and team functionality can be used to support new, temporary isolation and quarantine units with expanded provider and caregiver rosters around COVID-19 patients.

CrossCover fields
Our CrossCover secure communication tool has information fields that providers can use to add notations to patients under evaluation or confirmed positive for COVID-19. While they are unstructured content fields, they are still a valuable option to enhance communication between care providers.

Complimentary provider licenses

As patient volumes and care delivery needs expand, health systems and physician groups will need to scale appropriately. Maintaining workflow efficiency and revenue integrity will require a wider range of care team members to access to these pandemic management tools.

That’s why we are proud to announce that our customers can add provider product licenses free of charge. Whether they need a few licenses or a hundred, we want to ensure their teams are equipped with the appropriate tools to work through the COVID-19 response. Here is a brief overview of the program.

  • There will be no charge at this time to turn on additional providers for existing Ingenious Med platforms.
  • These additional providers will be able to access the platform until September 30, 2020.
  • If needed, customers can remove the new licenses prior to or on September 30, 2020, also with no charge.
  • Effective October 1, 2020, we will reset all license pricing in our customers’ existing terms of agreement to include the additional providers.

We understand that not all customers will need additional licenses at this time. However, patient volumes are expected to fluctuate over the next several weeks or months; future staffing needs may change. So, we are not putting an expiration date on this offer.

Additional support and tools

The COVID-19 situation is always changing, and we recognize that health systems and physician groups will need to adapt quickly to local conditions. Our teams stand ready to support them in any way we can. For more information about how we’re helping our customers respond to the pandemic, please see our recent press release. Ingenious Med is also working on even more tools to support our customers as this pandemic evolves over weeks and months to come. We’ll have more news about these initiatives soon.

COVID-19 Stimulus Information

Multiple federal aid packages are mitigating the economic effects of COVID-19, but the details about distributions to healthcare organizations are evolving. We’re actively gathering what’s relevant for quick reference in a single place. Please visit our COVID-19 Stimulus Information page for the latest news.


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