Continuous Improvement of Revenue Capture Integrity: Ingenious Med Is Now Embedded in Epic and Cerner

Ingenious Med is Approved and Available at Both Cerner CODE and Epic App Orchard

Recognizing the industry need for secure system interoperability and ease of use, Ingenious Med is continuing to implement new ways for its leading point-of-care solution for charge capture and performance analytics to integrate seamlessly with EHRs and other systems.  

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Ingenious Med’s IM Bills application is now approved and available through the Cerner Open Developer Experience (CODE) storefront, allowing providers greater access to the industry-leading IM Bills application through their EHR. 

Easier integration with the top two EHRs  

Being added to Cerner’s CODE storefront as well as Epic’s App Orchard means that Ingenious Med’s charge capture and performance analytics can now be more easily integrated with the two leading EHR systems. As of 2022, the two EHRs have a combined market share of over 57% of acute care hospitals 

SSO continues to be an integration option for all customers 

As a long-standing practice, Ingenious Med offers integration of its IM Bills platform with EHRs and other health IT systems via single sign-on (SSO) technology.  

Bryan Goble, Director of Product Management at Ingenious Med, explains, “SSO has made it much easier for providers to capture charges and optimize performance. With one click, providers can seamlessly move between their EHR and IM Bills; SSO allows our solution to be fully integrated with EHR data.”  

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He adds, “SSO and EHR storefronts provide a win-win for all parties, making it easier for users to take advantage of new innovations from Ingenious Med. We’re also working on using AI and machine learning to automate and simplify charge capture from documentation.”  

In addition to enabling SSO access, Ingenious Med’s mobile SaaS solution: 

  • Readily integrates with many systems to reduce downtime 
  • Avoids major re-investments and changes to workflows or infrastructures 
  • Connects disparate data sources 
  • Automatically imports diagnosis codes from external systems
  • Delivers ADT and billing feeds 

Contact us for more information about how your healthcare organization can improve interoperability, charge capture and performance.  

Watch this short video in which Jason Cook, Assistant VP of Medical Management, Scripps Health, describes the advantages of SSO—having Ingenious Med embedded within Epic to simplify physician workflows while also being able to continue revenue cycle operations and more in the event of cyber downtime.