Region 8 HFMA: Under Attack: Safeguarding Hospital Revenues in a Downtime Event

On-premise EHR/IT outages are affecting a growing number of hospitals and health systems each year. Cyberattacks alone already hit 266 healthcare organizations through June of 2023, and they are not the only cause of system failures. In 2020, 43% of hospitals experienced a major downtime event due to cyberattacks, infrastructure failures, software glitches, and/or weather events. The growing use of AI makes the likelihood of these events even greater going forward. At a time when margins have been thin or non-existent, healthcare organizations cannot afford to lose or delay millions of dollars in revenue.

Learning Objectives:

  • The major causes and frequency of downtime events
  • The financial and operational impact of these events
  • How to create a back-up system that can make it easy for healthcare organizations to continue billing for medical services during an event

Our presenters share their strategies in Ingenious Med’s HFMA webinar with:

  • Rob McGinnis: Portfolio Leader Mergers and Acquisitions, Harris Computer
  • Moderator: Dana Hartman, Vice President Sales & Marketing / Operations, Harris Computer


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