Automated Charge Note Reconciliation: Avoid missed bills, reduce compliance risks and improve revenue cycle efficiency

Revenue integrity is essential for all healthcare organizations. Each instance of a missing or noncompliant bill can mean thousands of lost dollars, but manual reconciliation processes incur their own costs. This webinar examines how automated Charge Note Reconciliation proactively fights these losses while making the revenue cycle more efficient.

You’ll learn how this functionality uncovers missing bills to ensure payment for services, verifies charge documentation to reduce coding compliance risks and reduces back-office time and costs to enhance the revenue cycle.

Discussion topics include:

  • The importance of reconciliation workflows to strengthening revenue cycles
  • How Ingenious Med’s Charge Note Reconciliation process helps healthcare organizations proactively identify and prevent missed revenue opportunities and compliance risks from unsubstantiated claims by comparing EHR and charges created within the Ingenious Med® application
  • How automating the reconciliation process saves the time and costs of manual reviews, creating efficiencies and further strengthening the revenue cycle

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