2020 MIPS Registration Orientation

With the claims-based reporting option no longer available to practices larger than 15 clinicians, submission of 2020 MIPS Quality data through a qualified registry offers a critically valuable approach to successful MIPS participation. While Ingenious Med offers 2020 registry submission as a free service, IM clients must explicitly opt into the process in order to have their data included. Please join us for a discussion about the process for submitting 2020 performance data directly to CMS through Ingenious Med’s free MIPS registry service.

Webinar attendance is mandatory for all IM clients who wish to participate in this year’s registry submission – including any groups who may have submitted through our registry service in previous years.

Session highlights include:

  • Discussion about the critical need for registry submission in 2020
  • Requirements for participating in Ingenious Med’s free registry service
  • The process of opting into IM’s registry service and preparing your data for processing

You can download the webinar by filling out the form below: