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What We Do

Whether you are seeking a charge capture solution or a business analytics tool, Ingenious Med is the industry leader in all areas of managing your facility. Choosing Ingenious Med’s charge capture solution, impower, ensures your site will be taken care of every step of the way from charges to performance management.

impower allows physicians to use this point-of-care application wherever they are serving patients. impower’s cloud-based, platform provides real-time data that helps hospital systems and physician groups improve productivity and efficiency, enhance quality of care, maximize revenue and increase billing accuracy.

To maximize the data gathered using impower, our groundbreaking business analytics platform, imagine, can be used to monitor overall department performance.  Manage data at a high or granular level with imagine’s comprehensive dashboards. Ingenious Med’s consulting service, impact,  help our clients achieve their business strategies though the effective use of our services and industry best practices.

Designed by physicians with work flow in mind, our web-based systems are as intuitive as they are easy to use.  Serving 25,000 users in the nation’s leading healthcare facilities, we are confident in our level of quality and commitment.

Who We Serve

Ingenious Med’s suite of services provides fast and powerful results for hospital managers and practicing physicians.   Simply put, we make the business side of medicine more efficient, more accurate and more profitable.  And we help doctors to focus more on the highest quality of patient care because they have less administrative work.

Doctors.  It is no secret that physicians prefer to spend their time with patients versus filling out paperwork.  Manual coding for point-of-care charge data capture is time consuming and prone to errors.  The physician-developed and pioneering impower platform from Ingenious Med solves this problem with easy-to-use mobile automation of the charge data capture process.  Additionally, rounding and coordination of care are made much more efficient.  We believe that our 98% physician adoption rate speaks to the value that doctors find with impower.

Physician Groups.  Providing doctors the tools to give the best care and capture the value of their services are keys to success for  practice groups.  The demands of ICD-10 further complicate the situation with more data.  Ingenious Med aggregates the charge capture data across physicians through our impower platform and then allows for flexible and actionable business intelligence in real-time via our new imagine software.

Hospital Systems.  Assuring quality standards for both care and revenue management in multiple unit hospital systems depends on best-in-class processes from treatment through payment.  Automation technology means efficiency for physicians – allowing them to see more patients and accurately capture charges that are available in your compliance and accounting staffs in real time.  Reporting across facilities, departments and doctors is available at your fingertips.

Hospital Managers.  Diverse and complex needs for data and measurement tools challenges hospital managers to find integrated solutions.  CMO’s, CFO’s, IT managers and their staffs need to know that data is being properly recorded, available in reports that meet their needs and actionable.  Cloud-based applications mean no complicated integration issues with your existing systems.   Ingenious Med offers full solutions for mobile and accurate data capture, powerful and flexible reporting and professional support services to assure clients get the most out of technology.

What is Charge Capture?

We get this question a lot, so let us clarify. When you receive medical care, your health care provider will take a variety of notes on your diagnosis and how he or she recommends the diagnosis be treated. Typically, these are written, then go to a coder to be aligned with the corresponding CPT and ICD-9 codes. Those codes are then passed to a biller, who will assign the proper billing amounts for the work performed and treatments given. This whole process is called charge capture – your health care provider is capturing the charges to be billed to your insurance company or to you, based on the work performed to treat you.

Ingenious Med began when our founder, Dr. Steven Liu, came up with a way to improve upon this process. He created a program on his PDA to capture these charges and code them immediately, eliminating the laborious and often inaccurate paper process. Over time, his original program became Ingenious Med’s core solution, impower. Since then, we’ve been working in conjunction with our clients to build solutions they need to best manage their practices and health organizations.