The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Ingenious Med

There are many reasons to choose a charge capture and practice performance analytics solution. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Ingenious Med to help you get paid what you deserve and improve physician and practice performance.

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1. Streamline the Revenue Cycle

Created by our founder — who is still a practicing physician and our Chief Medical Officer — Ingenious Med solutions increase revenue, reduce avoidable costs, streamline physician productivity, and improve practice performance tracking. Clinicians used Ingenious Med to capture more than 26 million charges in 2017.

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2. Increase Captured Revenue

Based on more than 30 return on investment (ROI) studies, Ingenious Med usage increases both the total number and gross dollar amount of charges, leading to an average revenue increase of $30,000-$40,000 per physician FTE. We also get you paid faster with reduced charge lag.

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3. Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Based on studies of more than 8,500 admissions at multiple sites, Ingenious Med rounding workflows help clients reduce bed days and readmissions on fee-for-value patients, resulting in an average cost reduction of $623 per admission. We also eliminate the need for niche tools such as a registry or secure messaging application.

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4. Simplify Compliance

Ingenious Med’s industry leading point-of-care clinician coding and compliance tool offers functionality designed to remove the fear of over- or under-coding, as well as the ability to capture documentation for digital storage. We also have one of the nation’s largest CMS-qualified registries  included to submit for MIPS at no charge, with a 100 percent MIPS acceptance rate.

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5. Bridge Disparate Systems

Our enterprise solutions can be fully integrated with the most popular EMRs and billing systems — and across most specialties. This minimizes data entry and other administrative activities, as well as improves the integrity of data and ease of sharing across an organization. We have more than 1,850 existing integrations available, and we build more every day.

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6. Improve Physician Productivity

We work with users to integrate with and simplify physician workflows, making it easier to capture patient and charge data more efficiently and accurately. Our HIPAA-secure messaging and CrossCover notes improve care team communication and patient hand-off. This leads to less time spent in the EMR, less paperwork, less administrative burden, and a better focus on patient care.

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7. Inform Organizational Decision-Making

Real-time analytics offer clarity and help organizations measure, standardize, and improve physician and practice performance across all locations. Clinical and administrative users can easily drill down to identify those with high missing bills, readmission rates, and more. A wide array of standard reports provide visibility into overall trends — when and where users need them.

8. Have Confidence in Security and Stability

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Ingenious Med doesn’t require any in-house hardware, and has maintained a 99.997 percent uptime rate since 2012. Our solution is HITRUST-certified and HIPAA-compliant, with stringent data security infrastructure that scales.

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9. Succeed and Scale

We partner with 9 of the 10 largest hospital systems and 8 of the 10 largest physician management companies, with a flexibly designed solution that allows for workflow customization while maintaining standardization across an organization. We’re used in 1 in 5 hospitals and 1 in 6 hospital patient encounters.

10. Partner for the Future

First created in 1999, Ingenious Med has evolved to match the ever-changing healthcare landscape and help reduce variations in care. We commit 30 percent of our revenue to innovation to ensure that we’re always delivering solutions that support our clients’ needs and the future of healthcare — just as we’ve done for the past two decades.

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