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2017 MIPS Quality Reporting: Selecting Measures

Tuesday, April 11 at 11 AM ET
Wednesday, April 12 at 1 PM ET
Thursday, April 13 at 3 PM ET

The time is approaching to choose a path for 2017 MIPS quality reporting. CMS has complicated the issue this year by withholding vital information typically released at the beginning of the performance period. Join us for a webinar in which we will discuss the challenges and describe different approaches to successful quality reporting for 2017. Each session will cover the same materials and include a live Q&A session.

These sessions will focus on 2017 measure selection, and assume attendees have already participated in our webinar from July of 2016, introducing MACRA and MIPS at the general level and our webinar from December of 2016, describing the 2017 MIPS quality reporting requirements. To help you get more out of the upcoming sessions, we recommend reviewing the above recordings.