IM1: Solving ZDoggMD’s Readmission Problem

Who doesn’t love a little rap? Especially when it’s about lowering readmission rates. As clinicians today face increasing time demands and intensifying financial restraints, Ingenious Med sympathizes with physician / musician ZDoggMD as he laments high readmission rates. One by Ingenious Med (IM1), particularly its coordinate function, is addressing this issue.

No More Room for Error

The Ingenious Med team came across this parody from ZDoggMD and had to share. Regulatory and financial challenges are increasing provider to inpatient ratios, making effective and informative handoffs a must. As provider to inpatient ratios increase, the room for error when it comes to the management of a patient’s status and health updates increases as well. Patient safety depends on the accurate and immediate updating of details and status.

IM1, the nation’s premier patient encounter platform, makes it easy for every member of a patient’s care team to communicate and share real-time updates, helping patients avoid readmission. When a patient’s care details change, the entire care team is instantly notified with custom alerts. Users can message individual members of the care team with the chat option, or they can leave a note for the whole team in the patient’s profile. While all of this is going on, leadership can evaluate the level of care that the patient is receiving quickly and easily in the IM1 dashboard.

The Key to Efficiency

Using IM1, physicians can easily prioritize patients so that those who are at high risk are seen first. The custom alerts notify care providers of inpatient criteria, length of stay and, of course, readmission. This increases quality of care and decreases bed days, which benefits both the patient and the care team. While hospital bed days cost $2,000 on average, 20 percent are classified as avoidable.

In addition to decreasing bed days, IM1 decreases denials by five to seven percent with the diagnosis guidance and automation that it provides. The patient encounter platform, while sharing patient information among all care providers, remains HIPAA compliant. Rounding out the process is a highly efficient charge capture method that completely eliminates paper billing.

We feel ZDoggMD’s readmission pain and IM1is here to help. For more information on this topic and IM1, download our white paper: Technological Solutions to Coordination of Care


Courtney Schickel’s career in healthcare IT began twelve years ago as the number five employee at Ingenious Med.  Still with the company today, Schickel spent years growing and leading the sales organization before transitioning to a role as VP of marketing, experiencing all the challenges and rewards of the changing healthcare landscape.