Practice Solution

Over fifteen years and tens of thousands of care team members, Ingenious Med has refined its solutions to address three of the biggest issues facing practices – the accurate capture of charges and patient data, communication across the practice, and analysis of the data required to run a successful practice. We enable this all by being embedded in your workflow, in real time and at the point of care.

Most practices face considerable revenue management challenges:

  • Charges captured do not comprehensively and accurately mirror the services rendered, resulting in lost revenue
  • Inaccurate coding results in increased denials and administrative hassle
  • The inability to communicate with practice physicians inhibits the documentation process
  • Duplication of effort between physicians and coders wastes money
  • Physician frustration from spending too much time on paperwork instead of caring for patients

We understand these challenges. Our intuitive, physician-designed solution fits seamlessly into your everyday workflow – improving patient care and maximizing revenue. Ingenious Med’s practice solution increases efficiency, improves collaboration, and captures billing information more comprehensively and accurately, directly from the physician’s mobile device.


ingenious med mobile physician patient list
ingenious med mobile new bill diagnoses
ingenious med mobile adding new charge

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