Enterprise Solution

Today, Ingenious Med touches one in five of all US admissions. We achieved this by creating solutions to match customers’ needs no matter where they are on the journey from volume to value.

Within our physician-designed application, the enterprise solution incorporates all of our practice solution capabilities – charge capture, secure messaging, management reports and CrossCover notes – and significantly amps up the care coordination functionality and extends it across the enterprise, all embedded in your workflow.

This helps enterprises tackle some of the toughest challenges they face today:

  • Charges captured not mirroring services rendered, resulting in lost revenue
  • Providers expressing frustration about too much time spent inputting data into the EMR
  • Lack of communication capabilities between physicians and care team members
  • Access to real-time patient data at the point of care
  • Connecting and aligning physicians, care teams, partners and facilities so that the patient is at the center of all interactions

Ingenious Med allows you to use real-time data to understand and identify strengths and weaknesses in your business. Make informed decisions for improvement and leverage key performance indicators to influence revenue, costs and physician behavior. Identify outliers by site, physician, specialty and more so you can take action on underperformers and replicate outstanding performance.


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Want to Learn More?

Download our Enterprise Solution overview and discover how Ingenious Med’s enterprise solution increases efficiency, improves collaboration, and captures billing information more comprehensively and accurately, directly from the physician’s or care team’s mobile device.