Designed to Fit Your Workflow

Mobilized at the Point of Care

In addition to being a web application, Ingenious Med offers native iOS and Android apps that put our solution in the hands of providers as they work with the patient. No more need to carry a paper record or enter data at the end of the day. Ingenious Med captures data, diagnoses and care communications as the physician is speaking with the patient.

By using our application on their mobile devices, physicians and care teams use our application on their mobile devices, giving them access to tools to improve care at the point of action – where decisions can have the most impact.

Actionable and Data Driven

Ingenious Med puts decision-making tools at the fingertips of physicians, billers and administrators. Whether its diagnosis coding assistance, billing discrepancies or overall performance concerns, Ingenious Med provides the information and tools to make better decisions at the point of action.

Our application also captures data with each encounter, allowing health systems to understand how their teams and workflows are performing. This data may be viewed from a high-level, operational point of view down to an individual site or physician’s performance, improving outcomes across a practice or the entire enterprise.

Physician Designed and Real-Time

The founder of Ingenious Med and its primary architect is Dr. Steven Liu. Dr. Liu uses his day-to-day experience as an ICU hospitalist at Scripps Healthcare in San Diego to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our solutions. Additionally, we request feedback from clients on ways to improve our product via one-on-one meetings, annual client retreats, conferences and client surveys.

Because it is physician-designed, our app understands clinical workflows and allows providers to communicate directly and securely throughout the patient’s journey, ensuring that care is given promptly and accurately. This allows for quick decisions and better outcomes because of the tools and data made available by our application.

The Benefits of a SaaS Solution

Faster Implementations & High Adoption: Instead of the hassle of building servers, installing an application and then configuring it for your needs, we create an instance in our cloud for you. This means you have use of our solutions almost immediately, reducing time spent in installation and configuration, and greatly reducing the issues that can get in the way of deployment. And because our solutions are mobilized and embedded in your workflow, we see high adoption rates with a very short learning curve.

Lower Initial Costs & Scalability: Since your solution resides in our cloud, licensing costs are low compared to traditional, facilities-based models. You can easily add just a few new users, an entire specialty, or an entire facility quickly and efficiently. No IT infrastructure to maintain, no capacity planning to do, no additional hardware or bandwidth to buy and configure – pay only for licenses you need. And maintenance costs are reduced as well, since Ingenious Med owns the environment.

Beyond the Four Walls: In a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) world our mobilized SaaS solution gives employed or rounding physicians at a single location, or at multiple sites (with or without an EHR), access to our solutions from every device with an internet connection.

Real-time Upgrades: Enjoy the benefits of upgrades to our solutions as soon as they are available. No keeping track of upgrades or extra costs to buy an upgrade package and install it or pay for specialized services to get the environment upgraded.

Easy to Use: As with other SaaS-based solutions, our solutions come with best practices built in and are ready to use “right out of the box” via a web browser or downloadable app from the Apple or Android stores.