Our Clients' Success Is Our Best Story

Perhaps the best way to understand what Ingenious Med can do for you is to know about what we have done for others. We invite you to learn from the experiences of our clients.

Case Study

Schumacher Group

The Lafayette, La.-based Schumacher Group, a large multi-state provider of emergency department and hospitalist services, has been using Ingenious Med’s charge capture solution in its hospitalist division since launching that unit in 2006. Currently, Schumacher has 160 hospitalists working at 22 hospitals.

Case Study

Emory Healthcare

Problem: In 2002, Emory University’s hospitalist group employed 10 physicians at 3 locations and suffered from lost charges, high denial rates, under coding, and 60 to 90 day charge lag. In order to solve these problems, Emory’s management implemented Ingenious Med for its physicians, billers and administrators. Despite a nearly 3 to 1 physician to biller ratio, Emory lost charges, and was unable to contest denied bills.