Boston Children’s Director Speaks at AMGA Reception

ATLANTA – Dr. Glenn Focht, Medical Director of the Pediatric Physician Organization of Children’s at Boston Children’s Hospital , spoke at a private reception, hosted by Ingenious Med, provider of the nation’s largest multispecialty charge capture and physician performance solution, during the AMGA conference in Orlando.

A Robert Wood Johnson Award winner for excellence in teaching and commitment to primary care, Dr. Focht spoke to a group of CEOs, CFOs, medical directors and physicians.

Focht has been a vocal proponent of healthcare IT solutions in the past and has written white papers on the subject. His latest paper, titled “Closing the Safety Gap in Patient Handoffs,” focuses on how technology can improve patient care by minimizing the amount of information lost during patient handoffs.

During his presentation, Dr. Focht covered several topics, including:

  • The challenges physicians face when managing care in busy hospital services with the growing demands for performance
  • The opportunities presented in these situations, both inside and outside the hospital
  • Current performance requirements and the barriers to achieving the required outcomes
  • Successful strategies for leveraging Ingenious Med’s technology in order to effectively support clinicians

According to Focht, physicians must embrace and endorse the best clinical practices for effective handoffs.

“The days for rushed, scribbled handoffs or a quick phone call must end if patients are to be cared for safely,” he said. “Hospitalized patients will experience less harm only when physicians are successful in managing the growing number and complexity of handoffs.”

About Ingenious Med

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