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Hospital Physician Partners

Even in the infancy of our use, imagine enabled us to manage each program more effectively with the real-time reporting. Every day I find out something new which is of tremendous value.

David Susskind, Vice President of Hospitalist Operations
Hollywood, FL

Prima CARE, P.C.

Ingenious Med’s mobile application was exactly what we needed. Our physicians round at multiple facilities, so we had to provide them with the tools they needed to accurately and efficiently capture their own charges without worrying about different interfaces at different hospitals. impower’s mobile application goes with them and puts the data where it needs to be without complication.

Richard Mateus, CEO
Westport, MA

Roper Saint Francis Healthcare

Using Ingenious Med has dramatically increased our captured charges per provider, our collection rate and the accuracy of our coding, resulting in an increase of almost $12 per bill. It is easy to use, enhances the communication between physician and coder and supports the growth of our program across multiple geographic sites. Additionally, the real-time business intelligence reports help us make timely strategic decisions and the physicians appreciate and respond to the transparency of the reports.

Jessica Bryan, Practice Manager
Charleston, SC 

Emory Healthcare

The technical support team at Ingenious Med is among the best I have experienced. Calls and emails are returned timely, and problems or questions that arise are resolved very quickly. Ingenious Med has helped to optimize staffing resources of our billing team, while still enabling timely charge capture and processing.

Karen England, MBA, CPC, Revenue Cycle Administrator
Atlanta, GA 

Virtua Hospitalist Group

Prior to implementing Ingenious Med, we were dependent upon our business analytics team to provide us with metrics and data. Our turnaround time could be days or weeks. The Business Intelligence function gives us real-time data and has been an invaluable tool to our practice. We knew Ingenious Med would help improve our billing process, which was previously paper-based. It completely surprised us that our billing team finished the previous equivalent of a full day’s work by 11 a.m. each day.

Tarun Kapoor, M.D., FHM, Associate Medical Director
Marlton, NJ 

Southern Illinois Hospitalist Group, Memorial Hospital

Ingenious Med is a great group of people and the software is the best investment I’ve made for the practice thus far.

Patricia M. Lotz, Business Administrator
Belleville, IL 

Texas Health Resources

Ingenious Med’s Business Intelligence creates an organized Physician Metrics and Patient Details report that have helped me audit my physicians, essentially increasing our practice’s accuracy and revenue.

Starr Davidson, CPC
Dallas, TX 

Hospital Care Consultants, Inc.

Whenever we train new physicians who have used other products, they invariably tell us that Ingenious Med is much more doctor friendly. We have found that ease of use for physicians makes for better practice billing and management.

Bruce B. Hamel, CMPE, Director of Operations
San Antonio, TX 

Hospitalist Services at Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Ingenious Med is an excellent program and has eliminated our very heavy paper, manual system. It also ensures we are capturing all charges, as before we knew we were missing charges and data. We wish we had Ingenious Med a year ago; life would have been much easier.

Debra Kinsinger, RN, Nurse Manager
St. Louis, MO 

Upstate Hospitalist Services

I’ve tried other vendors. I lost money and went straight back to Ingenious Med; it makes my practice money and is extremely physician user-friendly.

Dr. Andras Koser, Owner
Spartanburg, SC 

The Schumacher Group

Ingenious Med is like an EKG for the practice. It monitors the heartbeat of activity and allows us to get things done at top speed.

Dr. David Grace, M.D.
Lafayette, LA 

Valley Baptist Medical Center

Ingenious Med just makes my day more efficient. I use the cross-coverage print out as a daily census. I can write in all labs/vital signs, and create a to-do list for the day. Ingenious Med allows me to have all pertinent information at my fingertips. I’m able to dictate solely from my print out and notes I’ve jotted in the margins.

Jennifer Gonzales, Hospitalist Residency Team
Harlingen, TX 

Sacred Heart Medical Center

MasterCoder teaches physicians coding; something medical school does not.

Dr. Jeffery Liles, M.D.
Spokane, WA 

Maryland Inpatient Physician Services

Ingenious Med pays for itself. It is worth every penny. From a managerial and documentation standpoint, it just makes life easier and helps run a practice.

Dr. Tim Capstack, Program Director
Annapolis, MD