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Ingenious Med’s point-of-care solution, impower is the industry leading charge capture and coding suite that increases revenue, physician productivity, quality of care and compliance. Designed to enhance physician work-flow and yield a high ROI for users nationwide, through an all-inclusive, complimentary and award winning application. impower platform optimizes:

  • Charge and Data Capture
  • Coding and Compliance
  • Quality
  • Coordination of Care
  • Management Reporting


At the core of impower is the charge  capture and coding suite, which helps physicians capture a larger number of charges while improving quality of care.

impower provides billing departments with cleaner, more accurate bills, enabling billers to review and submit physician charges within hours of an encounter to minimize charge lag.

The program is built around a physician’s existing workflow, allowing ease of use and adoption. With a strong focus on mobility, users can easily manage their census and make the most accurate diagnoses and charges at the point-of-care.

The automated charge and data capture functionality of impower aids in:

  • Optimizing diagnoses and codes
  • Increasing hospital, physician and practice revenue
  • Improving quality of care
  • Efficiency and time
  • Decreasing lost or missing charges
  • Point-of-care feedback
  • Capturing a larger number of charges
  • Decreasing denials
  • Improving collections per encounter
  • Improving denial reimbursements


With the continual concern of audits and the need to remain compliant, coding and documentation is vital to today’s hospitals and physicians. impower offers a tool to ensure coding and documentation are compliant. Additionally, the automated coding functionality allows for accurate and optimized coding and diagnosis procedures.

MasterCoder is an integrated coding and documentation tool allowing practices to improve reimbursements while remaining compliant by walking physicians through a natural approach to coding patient encounters. The system allows hospitals to enhance coding procedures, leading to better quality of care through diagnostic accuracy and increased revenue through optimal codes and charges captured. MasterCoder informs and educates your clinicians on best coding and documentation practices, all at the point of care. Additionally, impower’s documentation is available to be added to the patient’s records.


impower’s industry-unique quality tool enables physicians and executives to document, capture, report and submit quality performance metrics. Physicians, private practices and hospitals that track quality performance can enhance revenue, improve clinical care, and prove practice value to hospitals, payors and patients.

impower’s functionality makes it easy to participate in pay-for-performance initiatives such as the CMS Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS). At the point of care, physicians are prompted and educated on applicable measures to ensure the best quality of care is given to patients, while reporting on quality measures throughout the billing process.

Additionally, as an official PQRS registry, Ingenious Med can submit clients’ data directly to CMS, increasing the success rate of reimbursements and decreasing any additional filing on the hospital side.


impower’s coordination of care tool works to facilitate and improve inter-staff communication while optimizing patient handoff/transition and peer-to-peer communication. The communication tool is designed to streamline disseminated information between hospital executives, physicians and their colleagues, administrators, billers, patients and primary care physicians.

Communication tools provide physicians with live and archived chat messaging, PCP communication, handoff, discharge, data entry and notes tools. Live chat, messaging, faxing and cross-cover capabilities enable physicians to disseminate critical practice and clinical information to each other in real-time. This suite serves as the centralized hub for easy communication across multiple sites and systems that facilitate:

  • Chat
  • Message
  • Fax
  • Handoff
  • Rounding
  • Notes


The reporting tool enables physicians and administrators to measure, view and analyze physician and practice performance data on-demand. Ingenious Med aggregates billing and performance data across multiple sites, enabling practices to prove their value to their hospitals, as well as to optimize physician and practice performance. Hospital executives use these reports for quick overviews or highly-detailed looks into productivity, census and cost across all specialties and sites.

Reports include Summary Reports, Coding Reports, Length of Stay, Readmission, Census and Staffing Metrics Reports, Patient Details, Physician Metrics Reports, Maintenance Reports and more.

Additionally, Ingenious Meds’ data analytics platform, imagine, is available to users who want a more heightened and detailed way to manage data.

Click here to visit our new imagine business intelligence platform.