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imagine Business Intelligence


 the ability to see and analyze real-time data, at your fingertips, in a format you want to see.

imagine is a comprehensive analytics dashboard platform that provides actionable decision making data to optimize physician performance and revenue.  Measure individual physician activities and overall department performance to improve overall patient care and physician productivity.


Manage data at a glance with comprehensive dashboards. Drill down and analyze trends, productivity, performance and data. Easily access and document information at a high or granular level.

  • Visual presentations into practice activity and performance management
  • Enhanced visibility into organizational productivity
  • Trending on industry key performance indicators
  • Drill from a global enterprise to a single provider scorecard

Mutli-Dimensional Analysis and Reporting 

Beyond dashboard summaries, Imagine allows organizations to access and manipulate data in real-time. This allows for customized reporting to help measure and further meet the goals andobjectives of your organization.

From facility to individual provider and from annual to daily, Imagine gives you the exact metrics you need, when you need them to effectively manage your business. With Imagine, you are also given the freedom to create new reports with attributes and time frames specific to your organization.

  • Ad Hoc Analytics – Get answers to your specific questions when you need them
  • Efficiently navigate data
  • Monitor productivity, trends and performance at a high or granular level
  • Unique reports specific to your business
  • Hundreds of possibilities, measure aspects such as Volume, Productivity, Quality, Utilization & Coding

Now More Powerful Than Ever

In an effort to continually provide our users with the most cutting edge business intelligence reporting platform, Ingenious Med is partnering with Microstrategy to make imagine more powerful than ever before. As a leading global provider of enterprise software platforms for business intelligence, Microstrategy enables companies to better analyze data stored across their enterprise or in the Cloud to make better business decisions. With support for more than 300+ mathematical, OLAP, financial, and statistical functions, MicroStrategy lets users create reporting applications that combine ease-of-use with unparalleled back end performance/reliability

  • Schedule Distribution of Custom, Detailed Reports
  • Create Custom Thresholds and Alerts
  • Enhanced Mobile Functionality

Imagine the Possibilities
With the power of MicroStrategy, imagine will provide Ingenious Med users with powerful, next level analytics that will unlock their organizational data. MicroStrategy’s BI creative reporting tools allows imagine users to interact with data captured in impower in real-time to produce tailored dashboards and insightful reports. Custom data elements that go beyond impower allow users to create the ultimate dashboard to quickly give them the insights they need.  With the ability to pull data from multiple IT sources, including EMR and HIS systems, imagine can be the all-inclusive data warehouse and analysis solution for any organization.