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Simplifying Workflows

Ingenious Med’s solutions are at the center of interaction between patients, physicians and care teams. Our intuitive, physician-designed app integrates into and simplifies the day-to-day healthcare workflows on your mobile device, at the point of care. For physicians, this means spending less time typing into a centralized EMR, filling out paperwork, looking up codes or chasing down colleagues. For the practice, it means maximizing revenue.

Our solution for practices allows physicians to capture patient and charge data quickly and accurately, while communicating and coordinating care via secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging and sign-off notes. At the enterprise level, features such as customizable flags and estimated length of stay indicators let physicians prioritize patients based on risk. More importantly, the enterprise care coordination capabilities are extended to care team members across multiple facilities – even to sub-acute partners.

Our two solutions were developed to help you along the journey from volume to value. Whether you are just starting to take risk or moving quickly toward value-based pricing, we have a solution to fit your needs.

  • Ingenious Med for practices is focused on and priced for organizations that are interested in both capturing charge data for revenue and driving better patient care. Beyond charge capture our app provides reporting to help manage the practice, as well as secure messaging that allows practice members to communicate critical patient information.
  • Ingenious Med for enterprises includes all of the Ingenious Med practice solution capabilities and adds a greater range of communication and coordination features to help physicians and care team members – whether part of a practice or the hospital staff – be more closely aligned in the management of care. And for those responsible for managing the enterprise, our solution helps to not only connect physicians, sub-acute partners, care teams and facilities, but also we align resources so that the patient is at the center of all interactions, exactly where they should be.

Both solutions include intuitive and easy-to-use reporting packages that help physicians and administrators quickly visualize the workings of their operation, right down to the provider level.

To ensure success, our professional implementation and services teams work with customers to get them up and running in as few as 30 days, including the connection of data feeds and onsite training. Ingenious Med can also provide workflow experts who can optimize your workflow to industry best practices, and project managers to help coordinate the efforts of your team.

Beyond Day One

Becoming a long-term partner with our customers is a core value at Ingenious Med. Therefore, we do not simply implement and then leave the customer to fend for itself.

Post implementation, Ingenious Med offers professional service options to monitor adoption, utilization, and use patterns.  We can help interpret your usage data, compare it to industry norms, and identify ways to further improve your business. We can assess how well your organization is adapting to changing local or system-wide needs, and adhering business your business policies and regulatory requirements. The Ingenious Med Professional Services team is able provide insights based on national best practices we have gleaned working with 9 of 10 top healthcare systems in the nation, across more than 52,000 users – allowing you to benefit from the experiences of some of our nation’s most innovative health care institutions.