2015 PQRS Updates
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2015 PQRS Updates

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CMS has released the updated PQRS Measure Applicability Validation (MAV) clusters for 2015. Ingenious Med conducted a thorough review of this new data and constructed a document for client reference, explaining how the MAV process works, why it is critical to PQRS participation for 2015, and how to take advantage of it to maximize PQRS success.

Please click here to review this critical-to-success document and learn how MAV will affect PQRS measure selections for 2015. Please review the document before continuing through this email.

Having suspended all PQRS reporting through Ingenious Med’s system from the beginning of 2015, (while awaiting the release of the MAV clusters from CMS), IM is automatically reactivating select measures within each PQRS group’s database on Tuesday, January 27. From the measures each group had active at the end of 2014, Ingenious Med will reactivate all measures from that list that have no associated MAV clusters. IM will only activate measures that are cluster-free in both the claims-based and registry-based reporting methods (with the exception of measure #130, referenced explicitly in the linked document).  If the method through which your organization will be submitting your 2015 PQRS data is confirmed, there may be additional/alternative measures available for activation (listed in the tables in the linked document).There are three steps administrators should take following these automatic reactivations:

1. Review which specific measures are now active for your group (go to the Settings tab, click the Administrator sub-tab, and click the Quality Measures button. Active measures will have a check mark and bold typeface).

2. Review the PQRS Performance Report for last year to see how well the now-active 2015 measures covered your clinicians during the 2014 reporting period (go to the Management Reporting tab, select Physician Metrics, and click on the PQRS Performance link. Note: Adjust your report window for calendar year 2014). Please keep in mind that groups using measures without MAV clusters only need one or two measures that users can consistently report on during 2015 to protect them from the PQRS penalty.

3. In three to four weeks, review the PQRS Performance Report to see how consistently your users are triggering the active measures, and then contact your Ingenious Med account manager if there are concerns about the consistency of triggering across your user base. Again, as long as you are using only measures that are free of MAV cluster associations, there is no need to report more than one or two measures that provide consistent triggering for your users (except as noted directly below).

Critical Consideration: If your clinicians have at least one face-to-face patient encounter during the year and the active measure list does not contain at least one of these cross-cutting measures:

46 – Medication Reconciliation
47 – Advance Care Plan
110 – Preventive Care and Screening: Flu Vaccine
130 – Documentation of Current Medications in the Medical Record
131 – Pain Assessment and Follow-Up
134 – Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for Clinical Depression and Follow-Up Plan
226 – Preventive: Tobacco Screening and Cessation Intervention
317 – Preventive Care and Screening: High Blood Pressure

Then you will definitely need to activate at least one additional measure from the above list. Please contact your Ingenious Med account manager to select and activate at least one cross-cutting measure that each of your clinicians will be able to report successfully in 2015.