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How do clients get started with PQRS participation?

• Contact IM tech support  or your account manager to request PQRS be turned on (you can discuss activation with you Implementation/Training team member if you are just getting started with Ingenious Med).
• Select the measures you would like to report.
• Educate your physicians on what to expect:

o menu driven questionnaires whenever measures apply
o actively responding to the questionnaires is important

• Verify your billing company is knowledgeable regarding the handling QDCs for PQRS reporting.
• You can make your decision on using the registry service at a later time.

How does our start date affect our group’s potential for success?

There is no definitive cut-off date that automatically results in successful or unsuccessful participation. Since the criteria for success involves reporting above certain percentages of reportable events, it is obviously more difficult to succeed the later in the year your group begins reporting (i.e., a higher number of reportable opportunities will have already been missed prior to your start date).

• With registry reporting requiring an 80% reporting rate for success, mid-March is typically a point where successful participation begins to become less likely (20% of the days in the year having been missed at that point).

o Any group starting use of IM1 after January 1 would not be able to use the Ingenious Med registry service until the following participation period.

• With claims-based reporting requiring only a 50% reporting rate, a mid-year start date still affords a potential for success.

o It is important to remember that claims-based reporting still has a characteristically low rate of success in transmitting the reporting data (reporting for the full 12 month participation period still only has a 50% success rate), so starting shortly before July 1 is still no guarantee of success through claims-based reporting.

• The distribution across the calendar year of patients triggering specific measures also influences a provider’s ability to report on a minimum percentage after a late start date, regardless of submission method.

What degree of training does our staff need before activating PQRS?

The PQRS module is very user friendly, and requires very little training. A simple introduction to the concept of quality measures, an explanation of how to answer the pop-ups and review previous answers, then a reminder of the importance of answering the questionnaires diligently is usually enough to get physicians started.

Do you have a short guide about the PQRS module for physicians?

Yes. Click here to see a one-page introductory level recap of the PQRS module for physicians.

Could you summarize the best practices for PQRS participation?

• Turn on Ingenious Med’s PQRS module if you haven’t already.
• Activate at least 4-5 measures (preferably from the list of measures specifically recommended for your practice by Ingenious Med).
• Educate your physicians on the importance of answering the questionnaires diligently.
• Opt into the Ingenious Med PQRS registry service to maximize the integrity of your data and your chances for success.


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